Gina History 2017

The continued story of Blondies The Beauty Shop is still growing organically and gradually from my own passion. My dreams and passion for Beauty, Style and Elegance were instilled in me by watching my mother prepare for each day.   I miss my mother, but I especially love that I get to spend my days with friends that are my clients, and clients that have become my friends.   As humans, we lose friends and families throughout our lives.  My work has helped through hard periods because I have been able to build such incredible support in my life and return that love back to all of you.   All of you make it worthwhile for me to come to work and do what I love best.  Thank you for making Blondies The Beauty shop a magnificent place, and for your on-going support to all of us here at Blondies.  We love you, We need you, and we look forward to helping, servicing and extending ourselves to you, your family and friends for many years to come!


Remember,"‚ÄčI used to think I was in charge of my life, but I’m simply a conduit. I just want to be a servant to helping people. I want the best for people­ I want them to spread their wings.”