Specialists, Estheticians and Makeup Artists

Blondies Specialists, Estheticians and Makeup Artists


Your skin, your lashes, your body…having them look out-of-this-world is important…having them healthy and feeling good is even more crucial which is why we adhere to the highest standards and make sure that all of our specialists are not only supremely talented in working their magic, but that they are as dedicated to your health and wellbeing as we are. And your style? Well, that’s like your own personal signature, that we’re pretty sure our “fashion fairy godmother” is the perfect person to help you distill it!


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Team Bio's

  • Gina Martinez

    Proprietress Gina Martinez is a salon industry veteran. Her 25 years in the business have taught her a thing or two. Most importantly, she’s learned that connecting with her clients and magnifying their beauty from the inside out is what really counts. Gina…
  • Zachary Grasso

    Info coming soon!